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Bridging Families Group consists of Bridging Families CIC and Bridging Families Ghana. Bridging Families CIC is a UK based social enterprise and Bridging Families Ghana is an (Non-Governmental Organisation-NGO) that empowers families in low income communities to flourish and in turn build their communities. The target groups are parents, young girls and women. We have projects in UK and in Ghana.

We launched in 2017 in the UK with grants from London Community Foundation, Awards For All and Santander Bank. We launched our first international project in Ghana in February 2018. Amma, the founder of Bridging Families has taught family learning courses in a college here in the UK. To date, she has taught parenting skills to over 2000 parents who have children with complex and challenging behaviour within the family, that is reflective of the diversity of London and the home counties. Some of the parents are those who want to improve their parenting skills. Bridging Families was birthed because we discovered through our training that families would benefit more if they had guidance and support beyond the training in their parenting journey.Working with families in the UK and seeing the remarkable change in their family lives challenged us to help families in our home country of Ghana and subsequently in other parts of Africa.

Our Mission
As an organisation we believe that every phase in a child’s life is important so our aim is to develop children into responsible adults. Hence parenting classes are offered in order to help parents to bring the best out of themselves and their children. Our training and exchange programs for the youth are geared towards empowering them to discover their skills/talents/gifts that will enable them to achieve their goals and maximise potential. We aim to give young girls and young women in Africa more exposure in the different programs that we offer while encouraging them to shine regardless of their circumstances.

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