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January is the time of year when almost everyone wants to make a new year resolution be it keeping fit, eating healthy, or starting a new course. But the question is, how many people follow through to the end of the year? According to statistics, gym memberships for example increase by 33-50% in January with the second week in January being the busiest of the year. However, 80% of these people drop off by the second week of February. This statistic made me laugh initially but it actually got me thinking as I realised that I could easily be among the 80% who are not disciplined enough to see it through.

As a parent and a mother of 3, discipline is the word that has been ringing in my ears from the beginning of the year. I am very sure that my kids dread the beginning of the year when we have a family meeting to discuss the way forward based on the past year. This is because they are always told to be more in every area of their lives such as homework, doing household chores and most importantly the use of technology. My kids have heard it so many times about how hard work doesn’t kill because it only refines you as an individual and develops a work ethic which is required to be an outstanding leader in every sphere of life.

So this year, my focus is to be more disciplined in many areas of my life especially in the area of acquiring knowledge. One may argue that acquiring knowledge is difficult and expensive but I can assure you that the price you pay for ignorance is far higher than the price you pay to get knowledge. As a parent, which areas in your parenting could you do with more knowledge? Is it about the difference phases in child development, terrible twos as some call it, troubled teens, how to support your special needs child or how to instil discipline in your yourself and your children? Walt Disney said that, “all you’ve got to do is to own up to your ignorance honestly and you’ll find people who are eager to fill your head with information”. Why don’t you set some goals as I have done if you haven’t done that already and this year. Add more value by finding an accountability partner so that you encourage each other along the way. Based on the statistics above, just make sure that you survive the mid-February drop off phase and you’re more likely to finish the year successfully.

This is just to remind you that, there is enough space on earth for everyone to shine and be successful and the only one who can stop you from being successful is yourself.  

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