Daddy's Princess

The moment we were all waiting for finally arrived when mum had her scan done to check the sex of her baby. It was great news when they got to know that it was a girl. As usual, mum was fantasising about buying pink bows and cream dresses to match with the pink tights. Dad, on the other hand, was even more excited because he could see himself cuddling this little cutie in his arms and teaching his little girl how to ride her tricycle. The big day indeed arrived and daddy was the first to set eyes on her and welcomed her into the world with his rich deep voice. This is love at first sight.

As we celebrate dads this month, I would like them to know that, in the early years of this little girl’s life, there is such rapid brain growth that she notices and believes everything dad says and does. “Daddy’s princess”, as most dads call their daughters, cannot be abandoned because her ability to love and connect to people, feel safe and relaxed all depends on dad. Steve Bidulf says that “a dad who is close to his daughter is so good for her because he becomes the yardstick by which she measures boys. It’s as if she knows she is interesting, intelligent and worthwhile. Boys have to measure up to this- which eliminates 80% of them right off. This has to be a good investment”.

To cut a long story short, dads, you hold the power to bless or to wound your daughter. This power is like a sword - you either cut or place it gently on her shoulder and say ‘Arise, Princess’!

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