Parenting Classes

Parents have the profound ability to cultivate the next generation of leaders. The parenting classes are designed to remind parents of the underlying values that form the inner core of the human personality and to explore creative ways of instilling those values in our children. The classes are tailored to meet every group of people such as couples, fathers, teen parents or mixed group. It runs for 10 weeks with 5 weeks of 2-hour training sessions each week. Also, each parent or couple has access to coaching for the whole duration of the course. The topics discussed are very interesting but thought provoking allowing parents to reflect on their parenting style and set achievable goals for themselves.

The benefits of the program are:
•    Adopt new and creative ways of instilling core values in a child.
•    Improved ways of communicating with our children.
•    Exploring alternative ways of parenting in a digital world
•    Identify behaviour triggers and how to reduce violent eruptions
•    Empowering parents to mentor other parents in the community.

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